Project Description

Learn more about Zharfa 3D:

Zharfa 3D was a startup company. Now they are one of the biggest company in 3D printer field. They had our full package for a year. They are on the first page of Google after 4 months of SEO work.

What We have done?

What we have done for him in SEO field more than begging Google to help us?

  1. We made the website SEO friendly
  2. Optimize data of Google My Business
  3. Add structured data to the website
  4. Make articles SEO friendly
  5. Define a clear structure for keywords, articles and the website

What We have done for him on the web more than installing a theme?

  1. We designed his website
  2. We optimized all images and pages
  3. Design an online ordering system

What We have done for him in the graphic design field more than being picky in colors?

  1. Design Logo
  2. Design brochure
  3. Design images for website