Project Description

Learn more about Studio Zoomtech:

Studio Zoomtech is a local business in the photography field. Chirag the founder of that company is really professional. He has extensive knowledge of photography.

What We have done?

What we have done for him in SEO field more than begging Google to help us?

  1. We prepared SEO friendly articles
  2. We made the website SEO friendly
  3. We analyzed the data of webmaster tools
  4. Add structured data to the website

What we have done for him in SEM field more than begging customers to buy their services?

  1. Define a customer journey path
  2. Use Google and most of the social media networks for brand awareness
  3. Use our organic and new audiences for retargeting
  4. Analyze the data and find new strategies

What We have done for him on the web more than installing a theme?

  1. We designed his website
  2. We optimized all images and pages